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 "There are several this season, starting with their production of Neil LaBute's reasons to be pretty, a scorcher with a knockout performance by Gretchen Porro as a woman scorned. (Porro also impressed in a very different role, the usually male clown Lance in The Two Gentlemen of Verona)." Sarasota Magazine, Critics Choice in performance.

 MUD Directed by Nicole Stodard

 "As the play opens, a bitter rain falls, and Mae (Gretchen Porro) stands at an ironing board, pressing pants. This is what Mae does to eke out a living. But she’s going to school and learning to read, a fragment of hope in what can only be viewed as a hopeless life. Recently seen in Thinking Cap’s productions of “A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney” and “The Realistic Joneses,” Porro is a powerhouse, a magnetic force who slowly earns the audience’s empathy while never betraying a moment of weakness." -Connie Ogle Miami Herald

" he’s chosen a smart cast who work perfectly as a trio, an absolute must. Porro creates Mae to have the temperament of a cage bird, pecking at Lloyd and then at Henry." - Florida Theatre on Stage

"A faultless Gretchen Porro" Roger Martin, Broadway World

"The three actors prove once again that director Nicole Stodard knows exactly how to pick a play and those who should play it." Roger Martin, Broadway World

 A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay about the Death of Walt Disney directed by Mark Duncan

 "Porro’s presence is so powerful and filled with levels, even in the few short scenes she’s in.  Too bad Hnath didn’t give Daughter more.” Florida Theater on Stage

 “Gretchen Porro, who plays Walt’s daughter (she’s unnamed, a sign of how insignificant she is to her father), has a smaller yet fiery and memorable role, erupting in a startling and passionate fury when Walt demands a namesake (she is on her third son with no plans to use the name “Walter” — for good reason).” Connie Ogle, Miami Herald

THE REALISTIC JONESES directed by Margaret M.Ledford at Thinking Cap Theatre

"Ledford’s cast is uniformly exceptional, starting with the best work we’ve seen yet from Porro. Eno’s absence of character description gifts actors with a blank slate, and Porro treats Pony as a kind of bipolar 12-year-old trapped in the body of a thirty-something woman. Her performance is perennially perched on one side or the other of an emotional seesaw, lurching from funny to despairing, righteous to broken, hyper to hypersensitive, and finding plenty of moments for the kind of ill-advised coquettishness that forecasts the play’s later developments." Florida Theatre on Stage

"Porro flashes as the hysterical kid in the candy store one moment and Medea the next. She may have you in tears." Roger Martin, Broadway World

Dancing at Lughnasa performed at Palm Beach Dramaworks.

"The Tony Award-winning play caps the season for Palm Beach Dramaworks, which gives it an impressive, involving revival, thanks to the deft direction of J. Barry Lewis and a cohesive ensemble cast" Palm Beach Post

 "As Chris, the marvelous Gretchen Porro simply lights up — there’s really no other phrase for it — the first time she sees Gerry, and it’s hard to take your eyes off of her thereafter. Playing the Welshman Gerry, Cliff Burgess is both engaging and wistful, offering mother and son empty promises that he somehow seems to believe will come true. " Palm Beach Daily News

 "Beautifully staged by J. Barry Lewis and engagingly acted by its uniformly strong cast, Dancing With Lughnasa is a character study that probes dreams and disappointments, familial loyalty and risk-taking, and the tension between proscribed behavior and a free-spirited approach to life. " Miami Herald

 "Under J. Barry Lewis’ brilliant direction of an inspired pitch-perfect cast, establishing the tone, mood, characters and relationships is more important than creating a driving narrative. As Michael tells the audience, “In that memory, atmosphere is more real than incident and everything is simultaneously actual and illusory" Florida Theater on Stage

"The production from Palm Beach Dramaworks benefits from the combination of straightforward direction by J. Barry Lewis with taut and toned acting by a profoundly gifted cast."

 Reasons to be Pretty

 “Reasons to be pretty opens with a torrent of anger and obscenity, pouring forth from Steph (Gretchen Porro, in a knockout performance)” Sarasota Magazine

 “There’s a wonderful shifting of attitude – we hate him, we hate her, we hate him again – toward the two characters through the play” Sarasota Herald Tribune

 “Not only Gretchen Porro's vocal explosions are a marvel. So is her transformation as Steph from even less than "ordinary" looking and shrewish to handsome and more self aware.” Total Theater

 “Even though she seems over the top, Gretchen Porro really makes you feel Steph’s pain from Greg’s words, and she makes you realize there’s a lot more behind her reactions.” Long Boat Key Happenings

 "There is a lot of anger in this play. Steph expresses her anger in loud screaming and as filthy language as she can think up. Her temper is monumental. And yet, Porro expresses Steph’s anger very well." Pelican Press

 Two Gentlemen of Verona  

 “A lot of the fun comes from the usual suspects, the servants: Speed (Jake Staley, fittingly equipped with a skateboard) and Lance (played in a delightful change of pace by Gretchen Porro, aided by the lovable dog Roscoe as Crab).”  Sarasota Magazine

 “Roscoe, one of three dogs featured in the role of Crab, brought out the best of his co-star, actress Gretchen Porro, who barely blinked and used his unexpected barking to add humor to her already funny monologues.” Sarasota Herald Tribune

 "the clown Lance (off-beat, unflappable Gretchen Porro) with faithful dog Crab (played with distinction by Roscoe on opening night) steal the show. Porro not only puts over some difficult parody and supplies comic relief when things look chancey for the heroines. She also adapts Crab's behavior to their relationship and her lines." Total Theater

 Ibsen’s Ghosts at the Banyan Theater Company

 “Gretchen Porro is tiptop as the uppity housemaid Regina.” Creative Loafing

 “The cast also includes some tender, emotionally honest performances from Gordon Myles Woods as Osvald, a young painter who has returned home to shocking discoveries; Gretchen Porro as the household maid Regina, who falls for Osvald; and Steven Clark Pachosa as Regina’s father, who some look on as a scoundrel but who may actually be the play’s most upright character.” -Sarasota’s Herald Tribune

 “Gretchen Porro plays Regina, the maid who’s really the sister. She plays it straight. Not oversexed—just sexed. A typical teenager in a bad time and place to be a teenager.” -Critic on the Run

 Jane Eyre at the Gorilla Theater

“Gretchen Porro is enchanting as Adele, the French-speaking girl whom Jane is hired to look after.” The Tampa Creative Loafing








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